Monday, November 8, 2010

3 Dimensions over 4 Planes

My new piece that I submitted to the SPACES Benefit Auction ended up selling... although I am not sure who purchased it as of right now! I'm hoping the mystery will soon be vanquished. I was quite excited about the sale, mainly due to this being a new piece that will be informing and spearheading a new body of work, and it's always nice to have reassurance in what you are doing, especially of that kind. Money does talk, you know.

As Promised, I'm posting an image of the piece, entitled 3 Dimensions over 4 Planes. It's a 10"x10"x1" drawing mounted on gator board. Graphite on cut paper.

As a first finished piece with a dimensional surface, I was quite happy as to how it turned out. Oddly enough, the most difficult part was the planning. So far all of my tests had been done without a set size or plan, and so I could fold and arrange the sides how I wanted. However, for this one I wanted to meet the 10x10 guidelines, and felt that the challenge of doing it in this manner would be good for future instances. I ended up building the surface in a 3d modeling program first, so I could get exact measurements on the virtual versions to translate to the real one. It helped with the precision, and turned out wonderfully.

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