Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am lucky enough to have people pass information to me when they find it pertinent, and today I had the pleasure of watching a documentary about paperfolding put out by PBS, called Between the Folds. I believe Gillian gave it to me because it reminded her somewhat of the geometric shapes that I recently have been creating... especially now that I have started working three dimensionally with them.

The video, which I highly reccomend to anyone with a remote interest in art, artistic process, science, or math (the narrator is a bit dramatic for me, but she means well), goes through the world of paperfolding and origami, taking small five minute segments to showcase top figures in the field, or people who are utilizing some special new technique. Innovators. It's a fascinating look at what many consider a simple field. How complex can a single square of paper get?

For some people, that square turns into a gnome playing a violin, his withered beard and puckered face hidden beneath a droopy hat as he nimbly jumps in oversized boots. Others, create dynamic tops, that pull the paper back to its center so fast that it spins. Some will use it to create monoliths, or alligators.... with folds numbering in the thousands. It's a field of endless possibilities, and incredible application (one young leading mind, who won a macarthur fellowship no less, is utilizing paperfolding to pioneer ideas of synthesizing protective proteins).

It's fascinating, and I'm thinking more about what I have been doing. My drawings have so far, been on cut paper (I've attempted to do folded, but was not getting the results I wanted), and my interest within relational thinking, as well as the parts to a whole is not squandered on folding paper. I plan on looking into this more, and possibly starting drawings that use connected origami that is drawn on...

Also, either today or tomorrow I will post a couple new drawings!

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